Student Purchasing

Courses offerings at Mays Landing

Textbooks for Rutgers undergraduate courses taught in Mays Landing may be available from the bookstore at Atlantic Cape Community College. We do request all faculty teaching on site order through the ACCC Bookstore, however book orders are placed at faculty's discretion. To contact the bookstore of Atlantic Cape Community College please call 609-343-5130. 

Textbooks may also be available online at eFollet. Rutgers courses will be listed under program "Rutgers @ ACCC".

Click HERE for the Fall 2018 book list. 


Online Courses

Online courses have a "home" campus (offering school) identified by the first two digits in the course number. Please use the links below to access the bookstore for each campus:


Campus Link
Camden http://universitydistrict.bncollege.com
New Brunswick http://rutgers.bncollege.com
Newark http://newark-rutgers.bncollege.com


If you don't find any books listed at Atlantic Cape or the Barnes & Nobles websites, the professor may not have submitted a book order. You can wait and try again closer to the start of the semester or you can email the professor and ask. You can search for their contact info at http://search.rutgers.edu

Faculty Ordering

All book orders are handled by the Atlantic Cape Community College bookstore. Please place your orders via telephone or fax with the textbook manager at Atlantic Cape. 

When ordering your textbooks, please make sure that you include for each book:

  • the complete course number and section of your course
  • the full title of the book
  • the edition and/or year
  • the publisher
  • the ISBN number

Also, please be sure to tell the textbook manager that the books are for Rutgers classes in Mays Landing.

Phone: 609-343-5130
Fax: 609-625-0064